“YOU MUST BELIEVE IN STRINGS” will be released on November 30, 2023, the eighth solo album by the composer and pianist Andrea Pagani, a careful selection of his most melodic compositions, presented with a new look for the occasion, enriched by the accompaniment of a ‘ string orchestra and prestigious guest soloists.

«It is an album of maturity, which marks the end of a period of my life and opens another», says the Author. «I have always loved the soft carpet of strings in many records I have listened to, and I was waiting for the moment to use it with my songs. Many say that my music resembles a film commentary; Well, I think it’s the soundtrack of my life.”

In ten songs (there is also an unreleased song, “Nick’s dreams”) we discover the world of Andrea Pagani, an elegant and refined world, made of notes at the tip of the fingers, which do not aim to amaze with virtuosity, but to delicately go to the heart of those who listen to them.

Produced by Riccardo Frulli and the Author himself, the album is released in CD and double vinyl album versions, in a limited and numbered edition. In the 33rpm double album version there is a “bonus track” in solo piano, the previously unreleased “Hymn to Freedom”.