“Blue” is the color of feeling, of night, of mystery. A color that gives the notes something magical, making them edgy and fascinating, calls of an ancestral physicality, question marks of our existence. “Blue” is the color that permeates the original 12 tracks of this album, where Jazz and Blues meet with elegance in that subtle border area between the complexity of one and the simplicity of the other. A multifaceted journey in various nuances of “bluesy” playing, which over the decades has combined the style of many musicians such as Oscar Peterson, Horace Silver, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Stevie Wonder. All this, according to the melodic and refined taste of Andrea Pagani, composer and pianist with an innate ability to give the notes that mysterious and nocturnal color: the “Blue”, precisely.

The album will be available from January 10, 2019 with a Special formula: each month of the year a single song will be released. The songs will not be present on any online digital distribution platform. To get them, in high quality mp3 format (320 kbps) you will have to buy them on: https://www.paypal.me/AndreaPaganiMusic Only at the end of 12 months, the whole album will be distributed online and will also be available in CD version with limited edition.

Track 1 (January): “ANOTHER WHITE HAIR” (A.Pagani) – Listen – Buy Mp3

Track 2 (February): “STAY A LITTLE LONGER” (Pagani – DeFazi) –  Listen – Buy Mp3

Track 3 (March): “SECRET OF A SECRET”  (A.Pagani) – Listen – Buy Mp3

Track 4 (April): “SPRING BLUES”  (A.Pagani) – Listen – Buy Mp3

Track 5 (May): “WHEN MY DOG’S DREAMING”  (A.Pagani) – Listen – Buy Mp3

Track 6 (June): “SUS LIFE”  (A.Pagani) – Listen – Buy Mp3

Track 7 (July): “RELAXIN’ AT S.CAMILLO”  (A.Pagani) – Listen –  Buy Mp3

Track 8 (August): “BALLBREAKER LADIES”  (A.Pagani) – Listen –  Buy Mp3

Track 9 (September): “THE GHOST’S WALTZ”  (R. Misiti – A.Pagani) –  Listen – Buy Mp3

Track 10 (October): “FANCY”  (A.Pagani) – Listen –  Buy Mp3

Track 11 (November): “SAD WALK IN ROME”  (A.Pagani) – Listen –  Buy Mp3

Track 12 (December): “PLATINUM COIL”  (A.Pagani) – Listen –  Buy Mp3

Track 13 (Bonus Track) : “THE SAME YELLOW TILES”  (A.Pagani) – Listen –  Buy Mp3

How to request: Click on paypal.me/AndreaPaganiMusic, a payment window will open. Write the amount (0.99 Euro for each song) and write in the “Send message” space the title of the song (s) you want to request. Specify the email to receive it, in case it is different from that of the Paypal account. Within 24 hours you will receive by e-mail your song in high quality mp3 (320 kbps). 

You can also pay in advance the whole album for 12 euros by clicking here: https://www.paypal.me/AndreaPaganiMusic/12,00 Every month you will receive the track of the month on the indicated email. IMPORTANT: For those who have already purchased songs, climb from the total 1 Euro per song.

For info or questions: andreapaganimusic@gmail.com


ANDREA PAGANI – Piano, Keyboards, Composition, Arrangements

DANIELE BASIRICO – Double Bass, Electric Bass, Percussions

MASSIMILIANO DE LUCIA –  Drums, Percussions

MARCO GUIDOLOTTI – Tenor sax (1,8,10,12), Baritone Sax (7)

JUAN CARLOS ALBELO ZAMORA – Violin (9,13), Harmonica (5)



Produced by Andrea Pagani. Recorded at R & B Studio (Civitavecchia) by Massimiliano Rosati. Mixed and mastered by Eugenio Vatta at E45 Studio. Photo Cover by Matt Nardone. Artwork and design: Rolando Gonzalez (Royan)

©2019  Andrea Pagani Music