“LIFE ON WIRE – The story of Philippe Petit (VIAGGIO SUL FILO)” is a theatrical performance of live music, reading and images, adapted from “Petit(e) Suite pour Philippe”, latest album by the pianist and composer Andrea Pagani , dedicated to the French tightrope walker Philippe Petit.

The show highlights the figure of Petit through a compelling emotional journey into the psychology of the protagonist. His passions, his dreams, joys and fears unfold like a thread in the subtle balance of the narrative; words, music and images come together to create the perfect setting for an incredible story.  A series of paintings mimic and describe his life, his philosophy and his deeds, from the beginning until his greatest achievement: the illegal walk on a steel cable between the two Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on the 7 of August 1974.

A monographic soundtrack, or rather an “autobiography”, that wants to bring the viewer to experience the same emotions of the protagonist, putting himself in the shoes of the unique man, lover, beauty, creativity and great happiness “walking on the clouds”. A total immersion in the life and mind of a “Rebel poet of the sky”, through the allegory of the wire, the paradigm of risk, and freedom of an “uncertain existential journey of man.”

A’ fascinating’ parable that teaches that “Limits exist only in the soul of those who are short on dreams”.


Tommaso Arnaldi – Narrator
Andrea Pagani – Piano
Directed by Andrea Anconetani