The American Songbook Vol. 2

Giorgio Rosciglione Trio
  1.  Easy to love
  2.  I thought about you
  3.  The boy next door
  4.  Love for sale
  5.  I remember Clifford
  6.  What is this thing called love?
  7.  My one and only love
  8. It had to be you
  9. Isn’t it a pity?
  10. I couldn’t sleep a wink last night
  11. Pastel
  12. A sleepin’ bee
  13. I got rhythm
  14. Whisper not
  15. It’s easy to remember
  16. You don’t know what love is


Francesco Lento (Trumpet, Flugelhorn), Andrea Pagani (Piano), Giorgio Rosciglione (Double Bass)

Stefano Greco  SG – CDM001 ©2015